William "Iam" Tongi

Iam Tongi and his family moved from Kahuku, a town on O’ahu, Hawaii, to Seattle due to the rising costs of living on the island. When asked by the judges why they would move from beautiful Hawaii to rainy Seattle, Tongi said his family was “priced out of paradise,” and had to move somewhere more affordable.

Iam Says He Can Still Hear His Father – Tongi insists he doesn’t get emotional because he misses his father, but rather because he can still hear him.

“It’s because I hear him singing,” he said. “I can hear how he would harmonize with me in that song.”


Iam Protects His Vocals By Wearing A Scarf Around His Neck – Tongi has been taking extra good care of his voice by not only drinking plenty of fluids, but by wearing a warmed scarf around his throat.

“My voice is never ready,” he told the Kent Reporter. “Every time before I sing, I always lose my voice.”

Iam Tongi is an eighteen-year-old is a senior at Decatur High School. The school shared Tongi’s videos on their Facebook, writing “Proud of this amazing Gator! Yitadee!!”